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Central Coast

Stepladder Creamery

Stepladder Creamery is a small farmstead artisan goat dairy and creamery situated along San Simeon Creek in Cambria, California. They specialize in traditionally crafting small-scale, handmade cheeses with milk exclusively from their pasture-raised herd of very well-loved Lamancha goats.



How to Book: Online on their website.

Cost: $25 ($100 minimum)

Stepladder Creamery offers private creamery tours by appointment that are a wonderful way to get to know their friendly herd of LaMancha goats and tour their creamery facility and milking parlor that were both built inside of the ranch's historic 100-year old barn. The private tours are 1-hour long and will give you a unique and personalized opportunity to see what’s happening inside of the creamery. Learn about and witness cheesemaking in action, and conclude your tour with a tasting of their seasonal goat or cow cheeses. If you visit in the Spring, you will get to meet the baby goats and help bottle feed the kids! $25/person with a $100 minimum.

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