A few handy dandy resources on exploring the cheese world.

My name is Philip and I’m Vivien’s sidekick here at the California Cheese Trail. My journey into the world of cheese started a little under a year ago. I love eating cheese and I also did not really know anything about it.

Here are my go to resources on cheese that helped me in the beginning.

Cowgirl Creamery’s Library of Cheese

The user friendly interface of the Cowgirl Creamery library and the available information on cheeses, especially California cheeses, makes this an invaluable source for discovering the world of Californian cheese.

Whole Foods Market – Guide to Cheese

Whole Foods has a nice little guide to get you started on learning more about cheese. That source, coupled with any cheesemonger at a Whole Foods cheese counter makes learning super easy.

Cutting the Curd Podcast by Heritage Radio Network

I live in Los Angeles. That means I’m always in my car driving. The Cutting the Curd podcast is an essential part of my daily life. You’ll get lots of insights into cheese trends, cheese makers and cheese retailers.

Cheese for Dummies

There are lots of great books on cheese out there. I went to my local LA Public Library branch and decided to start with Cheese for Dummies which was created by the founders of Culture Magazine. Very easy to read which is essential!

Culture: the word on cheese

Great publication on cheese! Lots of insightful interviews and articles on the cheese world.

These are all great, easy to understand resources on starting your journey. My ultimate resource is actually Vivien herself who has an incredible knowledge and insight into everything cheese and dairy!

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