9 Leftover Cheese Ideas

Gather up those bits of leftover cheese and feast again.
Check out the recipe and serving suggestions below.

Mac n’ Cheese – Because who said it’s only supposed to contain cheddar?
Fallen Cheese Souffle – You probably have all these ingredients already.
Ecuadorian Stuffed Potato Pancakes – For something different.
Cheese and Spinach Baked Egg Pots – British inspiration.
Cannolis – For that leftover ricotta – courtesy of Sierra Cheese.

Fromage Fort (i.e. Cheese Spread)- Put ’em all in the blender and get out the toast.
Grilled Cheese – It always tastes better with a combo of cheeses.  A nice spreadable cheese, like a fromage blanc or cream cheese is a great addition.
Flavor your Soup – Throw those Parmesan rinds in for a cheesy flavor. (take out before eating).
Or simply
, slice a walnut/cranberry baguette, put out the leftover cheese, a bit of wine, and invite your friends/neighbors over.