Boonters Blue

As we get into the new year, here is a recap of the California Cheesemakers who took home medals at the ACS 2018 cheese competition for their award winning cheeses.

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Blue Mold Cheeses

Boonters Blue
Boonters Blue

Fresh Unripened Cheeses

Soft-Ripened Cheeses

Hispanic & Portuguese Style Cheeses

  • Karoun Dairies, 3rd Place GM, Para Freir, Jaime Graca
  • Marquez Brothers, 1st Place GM, Menonita, Queso Menonita

Italian Type Cheeses

  • Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, 3rd Place HY, Point Reyes Fresh Mozzarella, Kuba Hemmerling
  • Belfiore Cheese Company, 2nd Place IC, Feta Cheese in Brine, Lino Esposito
  • Sierra Nevada Cheese Company, 2nd Place IG, Bella Capra Goat Feta, Ben Gregersen

American Made / International Style

  • Oakdale Cheese, 2nd Place DD, Mild Gouda, John Bulk

American Originals

  • Rumiano Cheese Company, 3rd Place CD, Uncoated Dry Jack rBST Free
  • Rumiano Cheese Company, 2nd Place CD, Peppercorn Dry Jack rBST Free
  • Fagundes Old-World Cheese, 3rd Place CJ, Hanford Jack, John Fagundes
  • Peluso Cheese, 2nd Place CT, Teleme Cheese, Joseph Reynoso
  • Marin French Cheese Company, 2nd Place CC, Petite Breakfast
  • Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, 2nd Place CC, Point Reyes Toma, Kuba Hemmerling
  • Central Coast Creamery, 1st Place CC, Bishops Peak, Reggie Jones
  • Cypress Grove, 2nd Place CG, Humboldt Fog Grande
  • Central Coast Creamery, 1st Place CS, Ewereka, Reggie Jones

Flavored Cheeses

  • Nicolau Farms, 3rd Place KD, Black Truffle Casiago, Walter Nicolau III
  • Oakdale Cheese & Specialties, 1st Place KD, Cumin Gouda, John Bulk
  • Nicasio Valley Cheese Co, 3rd Place KF, Foggy Morning with Garlic and Basil, Aaron Langdon
  • Fiscalini Cheese Co, 2nd Place KF, Hopscotch, Mariano Gonzalez
  • Karoun Dairies, 2nd Place KG, Para Freir with Jalapeno, Jaime Graca
  • Cypress Grove, 3rd Place KN, PsycheDillic
  • Bellwether Farms, 1st Place KO, Pepato, Liam
  • Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, 3rd Place KS, The Fork Pimento Cheese, Kuba Hemmerling
  • Bellwether Farms, 3rd Place KC, Blackstone, Liam Callahan

Smoked Cheeses

  • Rumiano Cheese Company, 1st Place LM, Smoked Mozzarella rBST Free

Sheep’s Milk Cheeses

  • Bellwether Farms, 3rd Place OU, San Andreas, Liam Callahan
  • Central Coast Creamery, 1st Place OU, Ewenique, Reggie Jones

Marinated Cheeses

Washed Rind Cheeses

Farmstead Cheeses

  • Pennyroyal Farm, 2nd Place MX, Boont Corners 2mo, Erika McKenzie-Chapter

For a full list of results from the cheese competition, you can visit the ACS 2018 Results

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