Not all farmers have always been farmers. Some of them have been “quants” (financial quantitative analysts) or corporate and immigrant attorneys. Well, that’s at least what Andrew and Krista did in their previous lives.

Six years ago they took their four children and decided to chuck life in New York City for a farm filled with heritage cows, emus, pigs, chickens, and dogs.  long-dream-cows
This farm, Long Dream Farm, is the only licensed dairy and farmstead creamery in Placer County, and can be called “back to the simple life, 2010s-style.”  Except that it’s a lot of work. The farm is near the town of Auburn in Gold Country.
long-dream-dutch-belted-with-calfAndrew and Krista have a vision. They’d like to prove that farming small-scale, keeping the cows with their calves and milking once a day, is sustainable.  They rotate their cows between 30 pastures every 2-7 days on about 370 acres over two farms.  

They’re idealists and I love that.

With the 1.5-3 gallons of milk they get daily from their milking cows (the rest go to their calves), they make ricotta, fromage blanc, panela, butter, yogurt, and ice cream.  Small batches. Charmingly small, handcrafted batches. They bring their goods to the weekly Auburn Farmers Market on Saturdays and a few of the local stores and restaurants.

long-dream-fromage-blancIf you’d like to see their farm in action, you can actually stay on site in a cabin and get up early to watch the cows being milked. Or email ahead for a tour.  It’s a lovely place with a really sweet family. And it’s hilarious to have the dogs follow you; one likes to carry his dog dish in his mouth.


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