Bivalve Dairy, a 6th generation farming family, and one of California’s newest cheesemakers, is expanding its line of cheese, using milk from their farm that’s located on the pristine and iconic Tomales Bay of Marin County.

Bivalve Dairy’s Railcar 924

The texture of Railcar 924 cheese makes it the ultimate melter for your favorite holiday dishes. It’s great in Potatoes Au Gratin or a classic fondue.

Mendonca: A Portuguese-style island cheese with tangy and grassy flavors, ends with a spicy, piquant finish. Perfect for a cured meat and cheese board.

Mt. Vision: A cheese with fresh cream and salted butter flavors that develop into lemongrass, sage and white pepper closer to the rind. (don’t you love these descriptors?)

Available alongside existing Bivalve favorites (you’ve got to try their Foundry Fresh), can be found at San Francisco’s Stonestown and Marin Civic Center Farmers Markets. The cheeses are worth the trip.

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