Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Co

Meet Pedrozo Dairy, a small family run farmstead cheesemaker.

Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Co. started a little more than 20 years ago in Orland, with their raw milk cheese made from their tiny herd of around 20 cows of various, little known breeds, which graze in the fields between their house, the barn and the creamery. This place is special. 

Northern Gold is a semi firm, rich and creamy cow’s milk cheese.

Black Butte Reserve is a cheese only made in the spring and is aged for 6 months. A robust cheese with sharp and grassy flavors

They also have feta, peppercorn, garlic & herb and sweet italian red pepper flavored cheese.

Reach out to Tim, Jill, Tom or Laura to learn more about their cheese and farm! Or visit them on Raw Milk Cheese Day or at when the Sierra Oro Farm Trail is open.

Thank you Sue and Peggy!

Sue Conley and Peggy Smith, who together started and founded Cowgirl Creamery in 1997, are retiring.

These two wonderful women not only pioneered the resurgence of artisan cheese, but changed the face of West Marin agriculture by promoting the idea that chefs showcase local farm products.

Forever grateful for what they’ve done, including bringing us those iconic cheeses like MT TAM and Red Hawk. They will continue their good works through various nonprofits.

Thank you for all that you have done!

Stuyt Dairy Farmstead

Visit this father and daughter cheese maker tandem in Escalon in California’s Central Valley

Rick and daughter, Anastasia Stuyt, are the cheese makers.

Only a small percentage of the milk produced on the dairy is used to make an Artisanal Farmstead Raw Milk Cheese. Their cheese is best described as a Dutch cheese, which is handmade from their farm’s raw cow milk.

Stuyt cheese is aged a minimum of 60 days; yet, preferred 90 days, for the best flavor.

🧀 Pictured here are:

1) El Capitan, a fully aged raw cow’s milk Spanish style cheese.

2) Diamond Reserve, a raw cow’s milk gouda style cheese aged over 9 months.

3) Mild raw cow’s milk gouda aged 2-4 months.

Visit their shop daily or order online! Yum! Support your local cheese maker!

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Joe Matos Cheese

Here’s a little interview with Joe Matos Cheese by Anita Anderson of Discover Sonoma County Living

Joe Matos Cheese Bio

Joe and Mary Matos, 5th generation Portuguese cheesemakers, immigrated to the United States from the lush volcanic island of Sao Jorge, Azores in the 60’s and started making their family recipe for a cheese native to their homeland, St. Jorge in 1979 on their farm in the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

Today, the 7th generation of the Matos family is honored to continue the tradition of organic pasture- based biodynamic farming, milking our herd of 35 Holstein, Jersey and crossbred dairy cows, utilizing food waste diversion, raising all of our beef on our farm and hand making our Portuguese family’s raw milk farmstead St. Jorge cheese daily.

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Fiscalini Farmstead

Currently owned and operated by 4th generation Mateo Fiscalini family members. Learn more about this Modesto based farmstead cheese maker in their video!

Their signature cheeses include a 14 month aged wrapped in cheesecloth Old World Aged Cheddar, a swiss alpine style cheese named Lionza and an Italian style semi-hard, raw cow’s milk cheese named San Joaquin Gold.

Visit Fiscalini Farmstead and order today!

4th Annual Cheesemaker Grant Award Winner: Mojave Gold

The California Artisan Cheese Guild is pleased to announce the recipient of the 4th annual Jennifer Bice Artisan Dairy/Cheesemaker Grant Award. Nicolette Grill, owner of Mojave Gold Inc., a small goat dairy located in the high desert of Southern California, has been chosen from numerous CACG member applicants. Grill established Mojave Gold Inc.

In 2014 along the Mojave River, halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and milks 30 dairy goats on twenty-five acres of green pasture in the Mojave Desert. On her small-scale goat diary, she makes artisan goat cheese, goat’s milk caramel, USDA whey-fed heritage pork and USDA pasture-raised lamb.

This is the fourth annual grant award of $10,000 that Jennifer Bice, Founder of Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery, has so generously offered as a means to support and mentor newer cheesemakers and dairy farmers in California.

Bice helped establish the California Artisan Cheese Guild in 2006 and served as a founding board member. The grant award stipulates that the recipient be a CACG member, and that funds be used for creamery or farm infrastructure, or for education that relates to improving farming or business practices.

Stepladder, Oakdale & Springhill Farmstead

Here’s what Stepladder Creamery, Oakdale Cheese and Springhill Farmstead are offering! We love California cheese!

Springhill Farmstead Cheese is offering their Peppercorn Goat Cheese online on their shop! 

They also have converted to using 100% biodegradable packaging with reusable ice packs. Visit their online store today and order some cheese!

Stepladder Creamery has new cheese club subscriptions for you to join!

You can get your favorites like Rocky Butte, Big Sur and Paso Vino shipped directly to your home. Check out their new selections on their store!

Oakdale Cheese is also offering French bread, jams, mustards, olives, nuts, etc!

Their store is open everyday 9am to 6pm and they have a new take out window as well. Check their online shop for shipping and continue to support California cheese.

Achadinha Cheese, Cowgirl Creamery & Nicolau Farms

Let’s continue to support all cheesemakers and eat more cheese!

Meet Cowgirl Creamery’s Dairy Partners Collection!
All of their organic milk comes from pasture-based, family farms in Sonoma & Marin. This collection celebrates their incredible dairy partners, Bivalve Dairy and Straus Family Creamery, with rich, European-style butter, a unique hard cheese inspired by the Azores, and their beloved Red Hawk. 

Achadinha Cheese Co is now offering home deliveries in the Bay Area!

Get Cowpricious, Broncha and Herbie Curd directly to your doorstep!

Email Donna at to place an order.

You can now order Nicolau Farms‘ Capra Stanisalus, Quattro Pepe and accompaniments online.

In addition, you can easily pick up a fresh made farm-house meal in their convenient drive-thru!

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Let’s do what we can to support all cheese makers!

Daily Driver SF, Pennyroyal Farm & Rumiano Cheese

In case you missed our newsletter, check out what these cheesemakers are offering! Let’s continue to support all cheesemakers!

Daily Driver SF innovates weekly new meal kits for pickup and delivery. This week they are featuring their Daily Driver Burger Meal Kit with their Tomales neighbors Stemple Creek grass fed all beef patties and their house-made potato brioche buns.

Also included are Jersey Jack Cheese, fresh veggies, house sauce and potato tots. Get your hands on these! You can also get their cheeses, butter and bagel anytime.

Pennyroyal Farm is now offering farmboxes for your weekly essentials.

You can choose what you would like in your box from a mixed bag of produce, eggs, farmstead chili, Pennyroyal cheeses, house made sourdough, etc!

Their wines are also available for delivery. Cheers!

Rumiano Cheese has restocked their online shop with their super cool California cutting boards.

Add this to your collection and try some of their Redwood Coast milk cheeses such as Sriracha Jack, Seoul Spice & Island Fire Dance. You can also order butter & ghee.

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Let’s do what we can to support all cheese makers!

Cheeses of Bohemian Creamery

One of Sonoma County’s most creative artisanal creameries, Bohemian Creamery offers a variety of goat, cow, sheep, and bufala milk cheeses.

Bohemian Creamery is a one-of-kind creamery with over 17 different cheeses on its roster. Owned by Lisa Gottreich, it lies just a mile outside downtown Sebastopol California on a hilltop overlooking the Laguna de Santa Rosa, the Mayacama mountains and their herd of Alpine dairy goats.

It’s Lisa’s creativity that makes this place so unique. Each cheese looks, smells and tastes different than any cheese you’ve ever tried. Lisa mixes milks and tries out combinations of cultures that make her tiny creamery explode with passion and color. You will find her cheeses on the menu at some of the best Bay Area restaurants.

With goats on-site, and spring clover enriching their milk, the wild blue rye molds powder the natural rind cheeses and the salty marine layer infuses the aging rooms. It is here where the inspiration for all Lisa’s unique goat, sheep and cow cheeses are born. Best of all, the shop is open and Lisa leads a fantastic tour that truly explains how cheese is made. You will walk away so well-informed.

Twist & Shout – Shaped from a 1,200 year old remedy presented to the Queen of Sicily to lift her from her dark spirits. A sheep’s milk cheese infused with saffron and toasted peppercorns then cooked for hours in its own whey before it is aged for a three month minimum. Smaller format is dipped into beeswax for a softer, sweeter confection.
Photo by Lena Karalnik
Bo Peep – a small, semi-soft round of bloomy ripened sheep milk cheese, mild and richly moist. Perfect with fresh fruit or compote. Photo by Mission Cheese
Boho Belle – Is made with organic Jersey cow milk in the Bel Paese tradition. Each wheel is aged 6-8 weeks to allow for the natural development of geotrichum, a thin layer of white mold that enhances the vanilla flavors of this soft, rich cheese and helps maintain its deep, yellow rind. A semi-soft paste, Boho Belle is the perfect finish to any dessert. Its creamy texture and subtle finish pair nicely with bolder wines and fresh fruit.

Poco Loco – a soft-ripened wonderfully gooey round of bright white delectable water buffalo milk cheese laced with a sprinkling of Italian ground coffee bean for something entirely different. Balanced between fresh and ripe, perfect with summer salads, bread and fruit, but with enough power to sidle up to bolder wines.

Surf and Turf – an organic goat’s milk cheese ripened to a soft thickness in a St. Maure style cylinder, then rolled through a layer of Sonoma Coast harvested toasted nori seaweed and lightly aged.

Photo by: Macphail Wines

For shop and tour information, click HERE.