Farm Tours are Back!

Finally, the time has come! Let’s visit all our beloved farms and spend some time outdoors, safely!

Harley Farms Tours are back. A Central Coast oasis of fun. And an incredible farm store too.

“Join our local guides on a walking tour of the farm. Say hello to this year’s kids. Walk alongside our milking herd, Anatolian shepherds, donkeys and Gentleman Jim the alpaca. Stroll our berry fields and admire the British White cattle.

Spot peacocks and wild turkeys in the orchard with the beehives. Leave with a whole new appreciation of where your food grows, and a farmstead cheese on the house.

Do bring your kids to visit any time during open hours, especially in the spring when we will have our kids in small pens in the main farm corral. We don’t recommend farm tours for younger children, because they involve talking, listening and standing around.”

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Tomales Farmstead Creamery & Toluma Farm tours are back in action.

You can book a private tour through

Tours include a tour and explanation of milking parlor, visit with the animals in the barn and/or pastures, hike up to the pastures to learn about our organic pasture management system, peek into the creamery with an explanation of how they make their cheese.

You can also book through Food and Farm Tours which include stops at Cowgirl Creamery, Point Reyes Farmstead of Bivalve Dairy.

Ramini Mozzarella Farm Tours are also being held.

The tours are completely outdoors to ensure social distancing is in place with the exception of the one-way milking barn walk through. Masks are required on site.

There is limited reservation capacity, so grab a spot ahead of time. Tours are on Saturdays.

There are no mozzarella tastings on site. Instead, every party is sent home with a tub of mozzarella for a take home sampler.

The baby Buffalo petting is split up into 3-4 smaller groups for a safer and more intimate petting session.

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Ramini Mozarella Tour Bookings

Daily Driver SF – Job Opportunity

Looking to get into cheese? Daily Driver SF now hiring!

Daily Driver is hiring a Head Cheesemaker.  This position is for a talented, dependable, kind, creative and fun cheesemaker, who has prior experience in all aspects of cheesemaking and affinage. Come and work at San Francisco’s only cheesemaking facility! 

Daily Driver is an organic wood-fired bagel and dairy producer located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. All dairy is made in-house and the milk  is sourced from Silva Family Dairy in West Marin. This organic, 7th generation Jersey cow dairy represents the heart of what we believe in at Daily Driver – producing consistently excellent products that nurture the land from which they come and the people that make and consume them. Daily Driver strives to be more than just a delicious bagel & cheese shop. We want to directly benefit CA farmers by transforming their wonderful products into addictively delicious and nutritious food for San Franciscans. 


  1. Follow established recipes & procedures to produce butter, cream cheese and jack independently and as a team. 
  2. Develop new cheese recipes. 
  3. Unmould and salt cheeses after they are produced, requiring the ability to lift 80 pounds and ability to hold 25lbs.
  4. Manage inventory and ensure all wholesale and retail orders are filled in a timely fashion.
  5. Experience using Quickbooks and Excel
  6. Maintain stock of all items related (salt, labels, wrapping papers).
  7. Maintain hygienic conditions in the creamery following the GMPs and the Food Safety/HACCP Plan. Considerable cleaning is required using a variety of strong acids, soaps and very hot water. 
  8. Preference will be given to persons currently holding the required licenses/training 
    1. Limited Pasteurizers License
    2. General Sampler and Weighers License
    3. Industry Analyst and/or Industry Supervisor for Antibiotic Testing
  9. Maintain accurate records as related to traceability and sanitation. Attention to detail is an important skill. 
  10. Must be able and willing to repeatedly lift, turn, and maneuver in hot, humid and cold environments. Temperatures range from 39 F to 90 F. 
  11. Work will be almost entirely standing.
  12. Be caring, mindful and take pride in your work.
  13. Enjoy steady expectable days. 
  14. Schedule make days and creamery staffing. 
  15. Manage cream make and delivery by sister business, Tomales Farmstead Creamery staff.
  16. Meet with the Daily Driver management and delivery team weekly
  17. Respond to emails in a timely manner 
  18. Train and manage Assistant Cheesemaker and oversee product wrapping by other Daily Driver staff
  19. We like people who are first and foremost kind, as well as have a good sense of humor, are obsessed with cheese (especially ours) humble, and did we say kind?! 


1.   2 weeks paid vacation a year

2.   Health and Dental insurance after 60 days

3.   Pay for cheese conferences

4.   Pay for CACG and ACS memberships

5.   Pay 55k-60k DOE 

Workdays: Average workday is 8 hours with 30 minutes for lunch. Some days are longer and some shorter, with an average of 40 hours/week. Days off to be determined, and flexibility with scheduling. Qualifications/Requirements: 

  1. 2 years prior Cheesemaking  experience.
  2. Bending, twisting and lifting up to 80 pounds repeatedly throughout the shift.
  3. Perform simple mathematical calculations.
  4. Maintain accurate records. 

To apply, send email & resume to

Thank you California Artisan Cheese Guild!

Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Co

Meet Pedrozo Dairy, a small family run farmstead cheesemaker.

Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Co. started a little more than 20 years ago in Orland, with their raw milk cheese made from their tiny herd of around 20 cows of various, little known breeds, which graze in the fields between their house, the barn and the creamery. This place is special. 

Northern Gold is a semi firm, rich and creamy cow’s milk cheese.

Black Butte Reserve is a cheese only made in the spring and is aged for 6 months. A robust cheese with sharp and grassy flavors

They also have feta, peppercorn, garlic & herb and sweet italian red pepper flavored cheese.

Reach out to Tim, Jill, Tom or Laura to learn more about their cheese and farm! Or visit them on Raw Milk Cheese Day or at when the Sierra Oro Farm Trail is open.

Thank you Sue and Peggy!

Sue Conley and Peggy Smith, who together started and founded Cowgirl Creamery in 1997, are retiring.

These two wonderful women not only pioneered the resurgence of artisan cheese, but changed the face of West Marin agriculture by promoting the idea that chefs showcase local farm products.

Forever grateful for what they’ve done, including bringing us those iconic cheeses like MT TAM and Red Hawk. They will continue their good works through various nonprofits.

Thank you for all that you have done!

Stuyt Dairy Farmstead

Visit this father and daughter cheese maker tandem in Escalon in California’s Central Valley

Rick and daughter, Anastasia Stuyt, are the cheese makers.

Only a small percentage of the milk produced on the dairy is used to make an Artisanal Farmstead Raw Milk Cheese. Their cheese is best described as a Dutch cheese, which is handmade from their farm’s raw cow milk.

Stuyt cheese is aged a minimum of 60 days; yet, preferred 90 days, for the best flavor.

🧀 Pictured here are:

1) El Capitan, a fully aged raw cow’s milk Spanish style cheese.

2) Diamond Reserve, a raw cow’s milk gouda style cheese aged over 9 months.

3) Mild raw cow’s milk gouda aged 2-4 months.

Visit their shop daily or order online! Yum! Support your local cheese maker!

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