Bravo Farms Cheese

Bravo Farms began as a dairy farm in 1979, just north of Visalia, CA. In 1990 Bill and his wife Patt, explored cheese production. Their farmstead cheese facility went into operation in 1995 becoming the first farmstead operation to produce cheddar cheese on the farm, in California, or anywhere west of the Alleghenies.

In 2007, the dairy facility was sold and the cheese business went into partnership. While the partnership dissolved in 2011, founder Bill Boersma took his talents and passion and is now producing open vat artisanal cheese in Fowler, CA keeping the name for his cheese as Bravo Farms. (His former partner is operating restaurants and gift shops under the name Bravo Farms in a separate location.)

The names of his cheese, like the Hot-Headed Dutchman, mirror his humor and are great tasting too.

To visit the retail shop (cheesemaking is in the back), take Exit 123 off Highway 99.