Bleating Heart

Bleating Heart was founded in 2009 by cheesemaker Seana Doughty, a southern CA native who dreamed of becoming a cheesemaker after quitting a desk job to do a stint working as a cheesemonger at Venissimo cheese shop in San Diego.

Bleating Heart has grown leaps and bounds since 2009, making award-winning sheep milk cheese, and cow and mixed milk cheeses. Bleating Heart uses only milk sourced from their own sheep dairy, as well as other local dairies in the Sonoma & Marin dairy belt.

After a few years of renting other cheesemakers’ creameries to get started, Seana and her husband Dave Dalton recently built their own microcreamery on the 1,000 acre Thornton Ranch in the historic town of Tomales, just one hour north of San Francisco. Seana and Dave are both active members of the California Artisan Cheese Guild.